Japanese Meridian Therapy: The neoclassical traditions of acupuncture in Japan owe a debt to the generations of blind acupuncturists that refined and preserved the art of needling as Japan was going through its period of modernization. This extremely gentle and soothing form of acupuncture is particularly suited to stressed, exhausted, sensitive individuals as well as for children.

Koshi Balancing: An eclectic style of structural realignment that synthesizes the gentle techniques of Japanese meridian therapy, martial arts training, and osteopathic medicine. The emphasis is on freeing and balancing the sacral-lumbar-pelvic center of the body by releasing restrictions in the body’s connective tissue and in key ligaments.

Shonishin: A painless Japanese acupuncture technique utilizing non-insertive tools for treating pediatric patients and adult patients who do not well tolerate needle sensation but who still wish to gain the benefits of acupuncture’s balancing effects. It is acknowledged that infants and children are significantly more sensitive than adults and require far less stimulation to create a whole body effect. For that reason, the skin is treated by gentle tapping and stroking to promote wellness, and treat a variety of common pediatric conditions.

Dr. Tan’s Balancing Method: A fast and efficient technique of acupuncture where painful or symptomatic areas are treated indirectly through the powerful acupuncture points found on the arms and legs.

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A treatment modality using refined plant material from the Artemesia (Mugwort) plant. This material called moxa is formed into very small pieces and placed on the skin at different acupuncture points and ignited to bring heat into the body and promote blood circulation. It is especially called for in individuals suffering from deep fatigue, recovering from prolonged illness and in recalcitrant diseases. It is also a great home therapy that improves immunity and overall vitality.

Tai Chi Moxa: A moxa-only protocol that balances the entire body and boosts the immune system.


Sotai: A Japanese neuromuscular therapy that synchronizes breathing with low-force active resistance. Sotai movements are in every case in the direction of ease and comfort, and gently reeducate the body out of its habitual holding patterns. It is utilized extensively in Koshi Balancing treatments and is a part of almost every acupuncture treatment.

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