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“My Multiday Massage-a-thon” from the New York Times

John Jeremiah Sullivan of the New York Times, was tasked by his editors to get as many massage therapy and bodywork sessions as he could...more

How Massage Therapy Helps Veterans

Today we remember the men and women who have done our nation, and us, a great service – our veterans and those who have fallen...more

Sneak These 10 Stretches Into Your Day

After long hours in front of a computer screen, dutifully typing away and answering phone calls, it’s easy to start to feel like Bob Cratchit,...more

Massage & Self Consciousness

We recently stumbled upon a beautiful blog post by Megan Spence, a bodyworker from Brooklyn, New York, about the often thought of and rarely discussed...more

Sinus Stuffiness Got You Stuck?

Fall is on the way here and that means, for many of us, sinus headaches, runny noses and a gamut of unpleasant side effects. Acupressure,...more

Weekend Warriors and Massage

How can massage therapy help casual, not so casual, and professional athletes? ABMP’s article by Shirley Vanderbilt explains! “‘I think massage gives you a good...more

5 Tips for Yoga Beginners from “Whole Living”

1. Don’t Worry About Being Perfect “Along with your yoga mat and your towel, bring a sense of humor to class. Students who get hung...more

Indigo @ Pridefest 2012! A Brief History of Pride in St. Louis

Indigo is proud to walk in the Pride Parade this Sunday, June 24. The theme of Pride this year is Be You! And at Indigo,...more

“The Shelter of the Father” by Kent Nerburn

Father’s Day is quickly approaching on the heels of Mother’s Day. Too often, Dad’s Day becomes just another Hallmark holiday, ya know, the one where...more

Self Care for Mamas from the Holistic Moms Network

A massage is the perfect way to escape from the stresses of motherhood. This blog post, by the Holistic Moms Network, has several quick tips...more

Do It Yourself Facial Massage

Wrinkling brows, frowning mouths, gritted teeth – these are just a few of the symptoms of an over stressed person. Why not take matters into...more

No Yoga Thursday 4/19

Howdy, yogis! We will not be having classes this Thursday, 4/19. Kim’s Wednesday at 6:30pm class and Katie’s Saturday 11:30am are still open. Drop on...more

How Does Prenatal Yoga Help Mom?

Pregnant Yoga: Happy Baby, Healthy Baby Are you expecting? Learn how you can have a healthy pregnancy and a healthy baby by completing yoga exercises...more

7 Ways to Ease Into Yoga

Spring has sprung! What better time to renew your connection to your body, mind, and spirit? This short article, published by the AARP, lists seven...more

Gaga Over Heels

A great article for sandal wearing weather.¬†Check out this experiment about what heels do to our bodies….. Gaga Over Heels: ¬†Myoskeletal Alignment for Postural Problems...more

Chakra Balancing Workshop with Katie Bohn

Presented by Katie Bohn, the Chakra Balancing Workshop will introduce the chakra system and how it is related to yoga. This workshop is designed to...more

Happy Mardi Gras! No Yoga Saturday, 2/18.

In observance of this fabulous time of year, we will not be having yoga classes on Saturday, 2/18. Enjoy the beautiful weather, great food, and...more

A new session of Beginner’s Yoga with Kim Spearmon!

Beginning next Saturday, February 25, Indigo is proud to announce our next 6 week Beginner’s Yoga Series with Kim Spearmon! 2/25-3/31, Saturdays from 9:30-11:00am $96...more

A Valentine’s Day Escape!

Indigo Massage & Wellnesss is the location for your Valentine’s Destination! To celebrate this holiday of togetherness, we are transforming our studio into a Couple’s...more

10 Reasons It Helps St. Louis When You Buy from Local Independent Businesses

from BUILD St. Louis 1. A Stronger Local Economy Compared to non-local chains here, local independents and homegrown chains reinvest about THREE TIMES more of...more
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