Aaron Perkins, LMT

Aaron was first introduced to holistic medicine and energy work techniques in 1996. He has practiced breathing techniques, meditation, Reiki, and yoga in the years since, which led him to massage training in 2004. Aaron graduated from Allied Technical School for massage therapy in 2006. Working as a Licensed Massage Therapist for ten years, he has focused on techniques that release physical tension by dissolving knots. These knots are created by stagnant lactic acids in the muscles and releasing them helps flush the lymphatic system.

He has training in Reiki Energy work Level 1, Polarity Therapy, and Craniosacral therapies. Aaron has studied multiple techniques to therapeutically relieve stress and tension through the use of trigger point, Swedish relaxation, and deep tissue massage as well as breathing exercises. Aaron enjoys helping others take an active role in enhancing their own health by providing deep relaxation through breathing, stretching, and posture building techniques.



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