Holiday Gift Card Sale!

Our Holiday Gift Card Sale is starting now!

Gift Cards for massage therapy sessions are 20% off – $56 for a one hour therapeutic massage or $80 for a 90 minute therapeutic massage! You can also treat your partner or a special couple in your life to a one hour or 90 minute couples massage.

There are several ways to purchase gift certificates – by phone, by visiting our lovely office in Benton Park, or through our new online system where you can send the gift directly to the recipient, schedule a delivery date, or print the gift to give to them. If purchasing online, please make sure you are in the “Gift Cards” section of the site!

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Indigo’s office hours are as follows – stay tuned for updated times and dates as the holidays approach!

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:30am – 5:00pm
Tuesday: 11:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday: 11:00am – 3:oopm

As always, if you have any questions at all please give us a call or email.

“My Multiday Massage-a-thon” from the New York Times

John Jeremiah Sullivan of the New York Times, was tasked by his editors to get as many massage therapy and bodywork sessions as he could and then write an article about it. Coming from a skeptical point of view, Sullivan goes to several different spas, practices, and offices to check out the many offerings of bodywork – finally coming to the conclusion that “…maybe that’s what massage is to a lot of people, those who don’t have chronic pain or migraines — it’s enforced meditation for those of us too distracted to meditate. You’re paying someone to meditate you. It’s not anything they’re doing, necessarily. It’s that they open a little window. They give you an excuse to lie there in silence and pay a deeper attention to the fact that you exist. The true value of shamanism may be a concealed one, that it holds us in place and says this.”

We agree.

How Massage Therapy Helps Veterans

Today we remember the men and women who have done our nation, and us, a great service – our veterans and those who have fallen in the line of military duty.

These brave people shoulder a burden for us ‘civs’ that we can only imagine, from leaving home to start intense basic training to being shipped off to hostile environments to hours upon hours of boredom in the barracks to the loneliness of long nights away from loved ones. When our soldiers, pilots, medics, and others in military service come home, integrating back into ‘normal’ life isn’t always the easiest thing – how do you reconnect with the person that you were 2 years ago, 4 years ago or longer? How do you integrate what you have seen, done, and felt when you feel like a completely new person?

Massage Therapy, at it’s core, is a time for a person to relax and return to the center of themselves. These moments of quiet, after months or years of active duty, do much for the veterans peace of mind and soul. At Indigo, we do our best to help all of our clients have these quiet moments – and who needs them more than our veterans?

“One physical therapist at a VA hospital said, ‘Massage feels good. People underestimate that. If you feel good, you are more productive, and you just generally do better.'”

Indigo offers discounts to the men and women who have served our nation’s military as well as those who help protect and care for us at home – check out our Specials page for more information on our Military, Healthcare, and Police/Firemen Discounts.