We are honored that you are allowing Indigo Massage & Wellness to be part of your healing. To help get the most out of your massage, here are some ideas for you to consider before your appointment.

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Schedule for a time, therapist, and style that works for you.

Getting the most benefit from your massage starts as early as scheduling your appointment. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach as to what time of day to receive massage; it requires some understanding of your own body. If you tend to feel energized after, morning may be a better time so you can make the most of your day. If you tend to feel sleepy and relaxed, evening might be a more appropriate option. Another thing to consider is the type of massage you would like. If deciding between deep tissue or cranial-sacral is like speaking another language, call our receptionist and explain what you are hoping to get out of your massage and they will be able to direct you to a therapist with a style that meets your needs. Plus, all our licensed massage therapists are knowledgeable in multiple therapeutic techniques to be able to adjust to meet your needs. A final consideration is if you have a gender preference for your therapist, make sure you communicate that when scheduling your session.

Take a warm shower

A warm or hot shower before your massage serves multiple functions. First, the warm water will begin allowing your mind and body to relax making it more open to receiving massage. By cleaning your body prior to a massage, you can also mitigate some personal hygiene insecurities, if you have any, plus it is greatly appreciated by your massage therapist. It is not necessary to shave your legs or other areas prior to the massage unless it is for your own comfort. We promise that your therapist isn’t concerned or judging you about it! Finally, a shower also allows you an opportunity to check in with your body. If you have bruises, sore muscles, cuts, or blisters, this will be important to communicate with your therapist.

Avoid perfume, aftershave, and large meals

A spritz of cologne or perfume can be just the right touch to make your outfit feel complete, but in a massage room it can quickly become overpowering when combined with the massage cream, aromatherapy, and a small space. For the comfort of our clients and therapists, we ask that our clients please refrain from these prior to your appointment. Deodorant, however, is encouraged.

Use the restroom prior to your massage

Nothing ruins a massage faster than the sudden realization that you need to use the restroom. While our therapists are more than happy to provide a robe so that you can discretely make your way to one of our restrooms, it does interrupt the flow of the massage and take away from the time you have in your appointment. Making a quick stop before entering the massage room can help eliminate discomfort.

Reschedule or cancel if you are feeling ill

We know it’s tempting to keep your appointment when you are feeling under the weather, we ask that your please be mindful of the health of our therapists. To prevent the spread of illness, they are unable to work when feeling sick. If you are not feeling well, we ask that you contact our reception desk at 314-276-9882 to reschedule your appointment. Please note that to avoid being charged the late cancellation fee, you will need to contact us more than 6 hours prior to your scheduled appointment time.

Arrive a few minutes before your appointment time

On your first visit to Indigo Massage & Wellness, you will be asked to arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. This not only allows you time to complete our new client form, but also to get some water, use the restroom, and settle into the environment before your massage. Rushing in at the last minute can leave you feeling frantic and, in the event of being late, can take away from your time in the massage room.

Communicate with your massage therapist

Your massage therapist will take time prior to your session to check in with you. If you have any health concerns, injuries, or are pregnant, this is the time to let them know. This also applies if you are a returning client and something about your medical condition has changed. As your massage begins, continue to communicate with your therapist especially if something hurts or is uncomfortable. On the flip side, if something is feeling wonderful and you would like more, let them know!

Remember to breathe

Steady, deep breaths help to oxygenate your blood and relax your muscles. Doing this during your massage, especially when your therapist is working on a particularly tense area, can enhance the effects of your massage. Focusing on your breath can also help refocus your mind and prevent it from wandering to stressors. Massage is a time to center yourself and relax, not worry about responding to that email in your inbox.

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If you have any other questions about setting up the right kind of appointment, simply contact our reception desk at 314-276-9882 and one of our receptionists or massage therapists will be happy to help you.