Seasonal Specials

At Indigo, we believe it is important to celebrate all that each new season brings into our lives.

To help with that, we are excited to provide specials on services, retail items, and gift cards specific to each time of year. Take a look at our newest offerings below, and don’t forget to check back frequently to see what new experiences we have to offer!

Mother’s Day Specials

Prenatal Massages are 15% off

Add a 30min Pure-Focus Facial Massage to a 30,60,90min massage for just $25 (regularly $40)

60min Pure-Focus Facial Massages include neck/shoulder massage, facial mask, and cooling jade roller are just $55 (regularly $70)

Specials are for Appointments and Gift Card Sales thru May 31st

(facial massages include hot towels, acupressure, honey, and anti-aging massage techniques that are non-extracting)


NEW Spring Treatments! Detox Cupping and Acupuncture

40min for $65

Fire cupping is the process of applying small glass and ceramic cups to the skin using a small flame to create suction. This suction draws the superficial levels of skin and muscles into the cup creating an ‘inverse massage’. This comfortable and relaxing process loosens muscles, disperses knots, increases blood flow and calms the nervous system. Cupping is most commonly used to treat back and neck pain and tension, anxiety, migraines and TMJ but is also used to increase lymph function, resolve coughs and colds and  improve digestive function. Athletes at all levels use cupping for pain relief and exercise recovery.

In your 40 minute session with Peter, you will have a period of ‘active cupping’ in which cups will be applied and slid across the back, shoulders neck and other affected areas followed by 10 minutes in which the cups are left on the most important areas. Additionally, targeted acupuncture needles can be applied to support the liver, kidneys, lungs and immune system to aid in the detoxification process.

Visible bruises that happen as a result of cupping are typically not painful and resolve in 5-7 days as the nervous system continues to treat the affected areas. If you’re in the mood to really ‘love yourself’ heart shaped cups can be used. No flame is close to the patient.

Acupuncture Specials!

Relax & Retreat Package

80min Initial Acupuncture Treatment followed by a 60min Therapeutic Massage only $165


80-minute Initial Consultation and Treatment only $95!

$110 value, special extended thru May 31st!

Experience the benefits of acupuncture at Indigo with Peter Schechter L.Ac.

At Indigo, clients receive painless, personalized treatments for a wide variety of wellness concerns, from emotional concerns like anxiety & depression, to pain relief, & even digestive disorders.

Clients leave after every treatment feeling more balanced, relaxed and renewed.

Clients also receive personalized dietary, lifestyle, & herbal suggestions to help achieve their health & wellness goals.

Offer available for appointments and gift certificates!


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