Come to Indigo to warm up with an Aroma Body Wrap Massage!

Choose from a 50-minute or 80-minute treatments that include our Signature Therapeutic Massage with your choice of either Aromatherapy Blends listed below. Then, relax and enjoy the aroma while being wrapped in heated towels and specifically designed blankets for this wonderful enveloping experience.

Add a Pure-Focus Facial massage for the ultimate in therapeutic spa experiences!

Lavender/Rosemary Aromatherapy helps reduce stress, aids in muscle ache relief & eases headaches. A wonderful relaxing scent blend of two ancient healing herbs that soothe in many ways!

Lemongrass/Ginger Aromatherapy is stimulating, detoxifying, & aids in lymphatic drainage functionality. An uplifting earthy blend that takes you to an exotic place!

80-minute Aroma Bodywrap (60-min therapeutic massage + 20-min wrap) $110

50-minute Aroma Bodywrap (30-min therapeutic massage + 20-min wrap) $70