Incorporate wellness into your self-care routine with the Indigo Wellness Program!

Becoming a member of our Wellness Program is easy – attached to a debit card, credit card, or HSA/Flex spending account card, clients can sign up through our online shop or when checking out after an appointment.

There is no contract, start up fee or cancellation fee. You can share your Wellness Program with your partner. The credit rolls over if you miss a month! We offer options for temporary suspension and terminating the program is easy!

Program details: The Wellness Program is an auto payment that is debited on the first of the month. This payment goes onto your client account as a credit. This credit can be used toward a discounted, Wellness Program Massage.

Suspending the Wellness Program: The Wellness Program can be suspended for up to three months within a calendar year. While the account is suspended, any remaining account balance may be used toward massage at the discounted Wellness rate. During suspension, all other benefits and discounts are suspended.

Terminating the Wellness Program: To terminate a Wellness program, we require 30 days written notice (e-mail is best!). This means that the termination is official 30-days after the receipt of a written notice, so one additional auto payment will be processed. Once the Wellness Program is terminated and the scheduled auto payments are canceled, all benefits and discounts are also terminated. Any remaining account balance may be used as cash towards regularly priced services.

Wellness makes a great gift too! Just give us a call to get the Wellness Program set up for your recipient. You can also sign up online!

In addition to the proven benefits of receiving regular massage therapy, Wellness Members receive -10% discount on our retail selection, yoga class cards, gift certificate purchases as well as -20% off on treatment upgrades like hot stones or aromatherapy. And remember to let us know when booking your Birthday Month – you receive a FREE massage upgrade!

Pricing is for Wellness Program members.

$69 for 60-minute massages
$94 for 90-minute massages

Wellness Members also receive discounts on acupuncture and skincare sessions!

$99 for 80-minute Initial consultation appointment