Start the year off right with the Indigo Wellness Program!

Becoming a member of our Wellness Program is easy – attached to a debit card, credit card, or HSA/Flex spending account card, clients can sign up through our online shop or when checking out after an appointment.

There is no contract, start up fee or cancellation fee – we just ask for 30 days written notice to stop the program. You can share your Wellness Program with your partner. The credit rolls over if you miss a month!

Wellness makes a great gift too! Just give us a call to get the Wellness Program set up for your recipient!

In addition to the proven benefits of receiving regular massage therapy, Wellness Members receive -10% discount on our retail selection, yoga class cards, gift certificate purchases as well as -20% off on treatment upgrades like hot stones or aromatherapy!

Wellness Members are invited to a special members only gathering once a year at our office as our thanks to you!
$59 for 60-minute massages
$84 for 90-minute massages

Wellness Members also receive discounts on acupuncture sessions!

$99 for 80-minute Initial consultation appointment
$75 for 50-minute Follow up visit
$95 for 80-minute Follow up visits

Call 314.276.9882 for details


Hours of Operation

Appointments available 9 am - 9 pm

Seven days per week

Retail Hours

Call 314-276-9882 for retail hours


Wellness Program

$59 -60-min massage
$84 -90-min massage

Plus discounts on acupuncture appts, upgrades, yoga classes and workshops, gift cards & more! Click here for details

Indigo Accepts Health Savings Accounts / Flex Cards

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