Congratulations on prioritizing yourself by enjoying a massage! It is not always easy to do. Here are some ideas to help the benefits of your massage last well after you leave the studio.

Get up slowly and give your body time to fully engage

People tend to have two reactions after a massage: bounce up and get moving, or figure out if there’s a way to take a nap on the massage table. This is your body responding to the care it just received. Be mindful of what it is trying to tell you. In general, take a few moments to get up from the massage table, especially if you are feeling light headed. Do some simple movements and stretches to allow your body time to re-engage. Rushing around immediately after your massage can cause tension to return and reduce the effectiveness of your experience.

Drink water and avoid caffeine, alcohol

Hydrating after your massage is critical to promoting healthy muscle tissue and removing waste from your system. It can also help wake you up if you find yourself feeling drowsy afterward. Additionally, try to avoid caffeine or alcohol for several hours after your massage as they can contribute to dehydration, impact circulation, and may affect you differently than they normally do.

Continue to breathe

Those calming effects that breathing provided during your massage are still available during the rest of your day. Integrating some deep, belly-filling breaths can help maintain mindfulness and relaxation.

Tend to any soreness

Like after a workout, your muscles can feel a little sore after a massage. Light stretching or yoga can help relieve tightness as can use of ice or a warm bath. Try to avoid intense physical activity as to prevent injury.


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