Reflexology foot soak - Indigo MassageReflexology is the practice of manipulating reflex areas on the feet that correspond to specific body parts and organs. By directly stimulating the related reflex points and zones in the feet, your therapist can indirectly facilitate healing throughout the entire body and all of its related systems. In Reflexology, the body is viewed as vertically running zones beginning and ending in the hands and feet. Energy moves through the zones like voices move through telephone lines. Any interruption or blockage along one of these lines, and the energy flow is restricted. Your therapist manipulates these zones and reflex points in the feet, encouraging the blockages to clear. Reflexology can be integrated into your Therapeutic Massage or as a stand alone fully clothed treatment. The Reflexology Foot Soak or Aroma Foot Wrap takes place in a special reclining chair or on the table. First, we soak your feet in an Aromatherapy Foot Soak, next we perform Reflexology on your feet, (foot wrap has soak, hot towels & more time for Reflexology), ending with a foot massage using our Herbal Foot Balm. You will also go home with a sample of this luxurious balm to keep your feet feeling soft and relaxed.


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