Initial 80 min-consultation and treatment $110
Follow-up treatment 50-min $75 | 80-min $95

It doesn’t hurt! Rooted in traditional Chinese medicine and practiced by licensed acupuncturists, our acupuncture treatments are comfortable and relaxing, no matter what you’re treating. While trained to treat wide variety of concerns, our acupuncturist has advanced training in chronic and acute pain, prenatal support, seasonal allergies, anxiety, depression and insomnia. We take a holistic approach to helping you meet your goals, often including Chinese Herbal Medicine, cupping, dietary therapy and guided breath work.

Most patients find that after an initial stage of weekly or bi-monthly treatments, one treatment a month is enough to maintain relief for most symptoms

Fire cupping is the process of applying small glass cups to the skin using a small flame to create suction. This suction draws the superficial levels of skin and muscles into the cup creating an ‘inverse massage’. This comfortable and relaxing process loosens muscles, disperses knots, increases blood flow and calms the nervous system. Cupping is most commonly used to treat back and neck pain, tension and injuries as well as anxiety, headaches and detoxification. With regular cupping, effects can last up to several weeks. Our 40 minute appointments include a few optional, targeted acupuncture needles to help with the process.

Additional Services
Cosmetic acupuncture has emerged as a holistic, non-invasive, and natural alternative to surgical interventions and injections. Your acupuncture “face lift” includes acupuncture as well as facial massage and light scraping (also known as gua-sha) to build new, fresh collagen and rejuvenate many of the facial muscles that lead to signs of aging.

You can expect the following results with your cosmetic acupuncture:

– Significant reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging under the eyes
– A brighter, more lustrous complexion
– Tightening of the jawline and skin of the neck
– Toning and evening of skin tone, including acne and rosacea
– Improved energy, mood & general wellness


Herbal medicine is very much at the heart of Chinese Medicine. Various plant, mineral and animal derived ingredients are combined in formulas to treat a wide variety of disorders, particularly chronic conditions such as allergies, anxiety and gynecological disorders.

Formulas are typically available in various forms, including pills, water-soluble powders & teas. Topical applications such as foot soak, plasters and compresses are also available.