Therapeutic Massage & Your Health by Anne L Childers, LMT, owner Indigo Massage & Wellness

At Indigo Massage & Wellness we have provided Therapeutic Massage services for over
10years, serving the St. Louis community with our caring and professional techniques. All of
our therapists are licensed by the State of MO and uphold the highest standards of ethics. Our
experienced staff enjoy working with clients who seek pain relief and management, stress
reduction, and the many benefits that Therapeutic Massage provides.
Studies show that Massage Therapy reduces low back pain more than medication. With back
pain being the leading cause of work missed in this country, massage can play a pivotal role in
helping relieve pain in a safe and natural way. At Indigo, many clients arrive seeking relief from
pain whether chronic or acute. Our massage therapists are trained in techniques such as
myofascial release, deep tissue, sports massage and have experience working with athletes,
weekend warriors, and chronic pain sufferers that seek natural, non-invasive pain relief.
Stress is associated with many ailments and seems to be what runs our fast paced society
especially since some stress is productive and necessary. Unfortunately, we have too much
stress and our society suffers from the health ailments associated with long term elevations.
When people seek relief from excess stress, they can begin to find more balance in their lives.
Massage Therapists are leaders and teachers of stress management. The relaxing benefits of
massage increase the release of the body’s natural stress-relieving chemicals. Learning how to
relax by receiving massage allows the body’s nervous system to balance the relaxation vs fight/
flight chemicals to be better equipped to handle the stressors of life.
“A study on massage and back pain conducted at the Touch Research Institute at the
University of Miami in 2001 found that: “Massage lessened lower back pain, depression and
anxiety, and improved sleep. The massage therapy group also showed improved range of
motion and their serotonin and dopamine levels were higher.” Source:”
Massage Therapy is a growing industry because the public is experiencing the many health
benefits. It is no longer just a LUXury or worthy of ENVY as you may have heard before.
Indigo Massage & Wellness is St. Louis’ leader in results-based Therapeutic Massage and we
are excited to be a part of the growing awareness of the health benefits of massage in our own
community. We are also approved providers for HSA/flex spending accounts and can provide
the proper receipts for insurance reimbursement when applicable.
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