Thai Massage by Jen Jaynes, LMT

What Is Thai Massage?

Thai massage uses compressions and stretches to help your muscles lengthen and release.  For Thai massage you stay clothed on a cushioned mat on the floor, and the massage therapist relaxes your muscles with rhythmic pressure and therapeutic stretches- no oil is used. Being on the floor lets the therapist use leverage to get deeper into your muscles. It also allows the therapist to move your body into fuller stretches. Like all our massage the intensity of treatment is tailored to what is comfortable and beneficial for you.

Who is Thai Massage Good For?

Everybody! But especially for people who want to feel more movement and ease in their body, people with desk jobs who feel tense and restricted, and people who want a full body relaxation experience.  Receiving Thai massage is almost like a moving meditation. The compressions rock your nervous system into a relaxed state, and stretches help that release expand through your whole body.

What Should I Wear for Thai Massage?

Clothing that is easy to move in and non-restrictive is best. A t-shirt and yoga or sweat pants work well. Please try to avoid jeans, skirts, and clothing that prevents free movement.


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Massage Special: 15% off our 80min Thai Massage Sessions thru July 2019