Local Gratitude

Local Gratitude,  by Anne Childers, LMT, owner

We have been moved by the recent Gift Card sales, curbside retail sales, and clients continuing their Wellness Program. We definitely plan to be here once we all get through this. We appreciate your support during this time. If you are looking for other ways to support local right now, read on…

Local Restaurants and Retail Establishments are fulfilling orders with local delivery or curbside options. Check out CurbsideSTL a website devoted to letting us know about this.

Check out Tiny Little Monster’s support for local businesses through #HereForGoodSTL t-shirt sales (Indigo will have a new design available soon so please check back again)

Support our local grocery stores and show gratitude to the essential clerks and cashiers. Be sure to tip and thank your delivery drivers, mail carriers, etc.  Local Harvest is offering curbside pickup with a smile.

Remember to protect yourself and others by practicing social distancing. Try simple things like covering your hands at the gas pumps with the blue towels there to clean windshields or by wearing disposable gloves. Experts recommend washing your hands with soap frequently when available, and they recommend carrying a small sized hand sanitizing gel or spray along with you if you have to go out for essential supplies.

Indigo does sell a 4oz sized sanitizing spray full of 65% alcohol and a blend of anti-viral essential oils perfect to keep in your car or purse. Call and let me know if you need one of our Indigo Sanitizing Sprays, Bath & Body Supplies, CBD Topical or Sublingual Products for pain, Hand Salves for dry hands (from so much washing), or if you need anything from Indigo’s Retail Selection. I am doing local deliveries to your doorstep, or I can meet you at one of our locations for a curbside pick up. You will pay ahead over the phone. If you need a Mother’s Day or an early Summer Birthday Gift, Indigo’s Online Gift Cards are available for purchase through our MindBody online platform Click here to get started.

Well wishes and Much Gratitude,

Anne Childers, LMT, owner

Indigo goes GREEN!

Not only is Indigo Going Green for Spring by discounting our CBD products from Inner Alchemy and CBD Clinic and highlighting our CBD services for March and April, we are also enhancing our cleaning techniques and frequency throughout both locations. We want to share with you what we do to maintain a clean healthy environment at Indigo:

*added moisture barriers on all tables and face cradles so that all surfaces used in a massage are cleanable between every appointment

*washing hands (20secs +) is the last thing we do before entering a treatment room to begin a massage, and the first thing we do when exiting a treatment room after the massage

*spraying down all touch surfaces with our alcohol-based spray cleaner after every massage in the treatment rooms and reception is also doing so in the public areas throughout the day

*diffusing anti-viral essential oils in the waiting rooms

*offering our Indigo health spray in a personal 4oz sized spray (a blend of 70% alcohol, essential oils that have shown to be anti-viral, and aloe vera). It is available in our waiting rooms to use while you are here and it will be in our retail selection for purchase by 3/18/20. It is the perfect size for your purse or car to spray onto your hands frequently

*are diligent about staying home and not working if we are not feeling well in any way in order to keep our environment healthy and happy and we are asking the same of our clients.

*encourage clients to come in for massage if they are feeling well. Massage has wonderful immune boosting benefits!

During the cold/flu season we have the following sickness policy:

***If you are running a fever, feel ill, have an active and productive cough, or have recently been diagnosed with a contagious condition, or are caring for a sick or recently sick individual, please let us know before your scheduled appointment so we may reschedule. In some cases we may need your physician’s clearance before you can come in. Our practitioners see multiple clients in a day and we want to keep everyone as healthy as possible. We want you to know that if you feel under the weather, massage is like exercise for the body and will often make you feel worse. So only come in when you feel well enough to exercise. The practitioners reserve the right to cancel your appointment at any time***

and lastly our cancellation policy: (why it is best to check in with yourself the day before your appointment and let us know if you need to reschedule.

**If you have an AM appointment and don’t notice symptoms until the morning of CALL US right away and let us know and we will waive the late cancel fee. If you do not speak to a receptionist, leave a voicemail letting us know and we will return your call. This does not apply for no call no shows.**

With respect for our professional time, we do ask for at least six hours notice to cancel or reschedule your appointment. If it is less than six hours, we do charge a $35 late cancel fee. Thank you for your consideration!

by Anne Childers, LMT, owner