Sinus Stuffiness Got You Stuck?

Fall is on the way here and that means, for many of us, sinus headaches, runny noses and a gamut of unpleasant side effects. Acupressure, a simple massage technique very similar to acupuncture, is a quick and simple way to help relieve pressure of sinuses and stress!

Whole Living illustrates three quick & simple acupressure moves to utilize!

Essential oils can help relieve sinus pressure as well. Add a few drops of peppermint oil on a tissue or hanky and inhale for quick relief!


Weekend Warriors and Massage

How can massage therapy help casual, not so casual, and professional athletes? ABMP’s article by Shirley Vanderbilt explains!

“‘I think massage gives you a good kick in the pants,’ Clinton Wynn says, speaking of the psychological benefit. The amateur cycle team, including three physicians, had little previous experience with massage. In fact, one 53-year-old surgeon had never been on the table, but Wynn’s expert hands soon turned him into a convert…’