Indigo COVID Policies 4/1/21

COVID Policies 4/1/21

Below are our updated procedures and protocols as they relate to COVID and to abide by our new industry guidelines. Safety of our clients and staff is of the utmost importance. We have always abided by the sanitation requirements for our industry while going beyond those with frequent professional cleanings.

**Most Important! Please read through this entire document**

**Everyone must wear a mask at all times in the office. We will have a mask ready for you at the door if you don’t have one. The masks must be worn in the public spaces and in the treatment rooms. The only exception is if for breathing comfort you need to take it off during the face down portion of the massage. You can hook it along the side of the face cradle and put it on for face up and side lying massage and any other time. It is up to the therapist’s discretion if they ask you to keep the mask on for face down, please do.

We ask you to keep talking to a minimum to reduce the amount of saliva droplets. All staff are required to wear masks during their entire shift.

**Everyone must call to check in upon arrival and we will respond and meet you at the door to take your temperature. The doors are kept locked at this time. Let us know if you want to pop in for retail or a gift card purchase.

**Frequently asked question: We will NOT be wearing gloves to give massages unless there is any open skin on our hands

**Travel We ask that you refrain from unnecessary traveling at this time. Depending upon the circumstances, we may ask that you wait two weeks after you return to book an appointment. We are also expecting the same of our staff. If you are vaccinated, we ask that you wait two weeks after receiving the last shot. You are still required to wear a mask at all times in our office.

If you work in a HOSPITAL SETTING and are vaccinated, we ask that you wait until two weeks after receiving the last shot and then we are happy to see you for massage. You are still required to wear a mask at all times in our office.

Scheduling Appointments

The day before your appointment, we will email you the link to our online intake form
(to update information or for new clients) and the COVID questionnaire and release form.
The COVID form must be completed within 24hrs so that the information is current and as accurate as possible. The form only needs to be completed once. If you do not complete before your visit, we do have iPad forms available. However, we strongly encourage clients to complete the forms necessary prior to their appointment time so that it doesn’t take away any of the massage time.

We are limiting the number of therapists in the office at the same time. Staff is required to keep a 6ft distance in the public spaces and we ask the same of clients as well.

We will not be offering our Pure-Focus facial massages performed by the massage therapists at this time. We have estheticians at both Benton Park and Maplewood offering esthetics facials and CBD skincare for facial interests.


We are not charging late cancel fees for COVID symptoms as long as you call and let us know. Please give as much notice as possible, but we understand if that isn’t possible. Do still call us. If you no show and don’t call at all, we will charge the $35 late cancel fee as respect for the therapist’s professional time. We have limited availability so we do reserve your appointment time especially for you. With enough notice, we can often fill that appointment time with someone who can make it.

Check-In Process
When you arrive for your appointment do not just walk in.
Call the office when you arrive saying you are here. Reception will answer your call and let you know when to meet them at the front door (at Benton Park, let us know if you require the side door accessible entrance, otherwise that door will be locked)
You are welcome to walk up to the door now that the weather is nice and we often see you and let you in, if not you can then call.

Reception will open the door and immediately take your temperature with a no touch wrist/ forehead thermometer. If you are returning and already have the COVID questionnaire and release form completed, please let us know if anything has changed COVID related. Immediately visit our hand sanitation station just inside the entrance with tissues, a hand sanitizer pump, and trash can.

Reception can also give you the iPad forms if needed and ipads are sanitized after each use. Reception can let you know if the bathroom is available for use.
Please wait in the waiting area. Your therapist will come to greet you

After your massage

You are welcome to exit the treatment room and your therapist will be waiting for you to do a checkin after your massage, asking how you feel and giving self-care recommendations. They can also let you know if the bathroom is available. We do encourage drinking water after your massage and we have a water cooler with reverse osmosis water available.

We are encouraging you to give us the credit card that you want to use for payment when you make your appointment. Reception will ask if you would like to add gratuity and then checkout will be complete. Tips are appreciated, but not expected.

**What we are doing**

Treatment Room Additional Sanitation

1) In addition to thoroughly disinfecting the treatment rooms after each appointment, reception will be sanitizing the frequently touched surfaces several times a day. We are continuing our frequent professional cleanings of each office. Our entire staff was trained in the appropriate disinfecting protocols over a zoom meeting with our professional cleaning crew.

2) We have added “Medify Air” HEPA 13 Medical Grade Air Purifiers for each treatment rooms appropriately sized to clean the air in the room every 15min. HEPA 13 purifiers capture 99.9% of particles down to 0.1 microns. We feel having a higher standard of purification than the standard HEPA purifiers is important. Check this link for more information about the differences between True HEPA and the HEPA 13
We have also added UV air purifiers for the waiting rooms as well


3) We are disinfecting the rooms between every appointment with an EPA standard one step sanitizer/deodorizer QT64. This particular product has only a 1 minute dwell time to kill human coronavirus and 2 minutes for Influenza Type A. We have 30min between appointments to take care of sanitizing and preparing the room for the next client.

4) We have installed plexiglass at the reception desk @ Benton Park and placed reception desk further back inside the reception room at Maplewood to further encourage distancing.

5) We changed client chairs in treatment rooms and waiting rooms to wipeable plastic chairs distanced from each other and all trash cans to touch-less options

6) We will be using washable massage cream tubes and one-use aprons. The same linen service will be used for our linens and we will launder our towels, face cradle covers, blankets, aprons, and washable masks in house. We will sanitize the cream tubes after each appointment.

7) Our washable masks are equipped with PM2.5 filters (5 layer filters) that have up to 60hrs wear time, although we will be using them for 50hrs before replacing. The filters are kept by each therapist in paper bags between shifts. The outside washable masks are washed after each shift and staff use a fresh mask at each shift keeping track of their filter wearable hours accordingly. Staff is allowed to double up on masks and/or bring their own mask to wear.

8) Staff is required to wash their hands immediately upon arrival and then take their temperature. They are also required to sanitize their hands before and after breaks and before and after visiting their lockers for any reason. They are then to go directly to our check in area to find their sanitation equipment to prepare to give massages.

Anne Childers