Qoya Movement Workshop

June 15, 2019 @ 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Qoya is a movement modality based on the idea that, as women, our essence is Wise, Wild, and Free.
We reconnect with and remember that essence through a mix of sensual movement practices, yoga, dance, and community building/sharing.
Qoya is about how it FEELS, not how it looks.
You know you’re doing it “right” if it feels good and true in your body.
No previous dance or fitness experience is necessary.
I like to say that if you can dance in your kitchen (or in your car), you can do Qoya.
Bring yourself, your yoga mat (we have extra mats), and some water to sip on.
Wear whatever you feel comfortable moving in.
Saturday, June 15th 6:30p-8p
and Saturday, June 29th 1p-2:30p
$25 each class
(if we have the interest, we plan to offer this class twice a month)
For more information, or to get a feel for Qoya with some free videos, please visit www.qoya.love
Anne Childers