Chakra Balancing Workshop with Katie Bohn

Presented by Katie Bohn, the Chakra Balancing Workshop will introduce the chakra system and how it is related to yoga.

This workshop is designed to to start your self exploration journey through the Chakra energy system. The word Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”. It is traditionally believed there are 7 energy “wheels” or vortex’s located along the spine of the body. Each Chakra is associated with particular physical, emotional or spiritual functions within the body. When Chakras become imbalanced they can affect our interactions with the world.

This two-hour workshop will cover the basic characteristics and functions of each chakra and which Asanas (physical yoga postures) pertain to stimulating and opening each energy center. There will be a combination of physical asana practice and meditation. Participants are encouraged to bring a small journal for reflective writing.