Indigo @ Pridefest 2012! A Brief History of Pride in St. Louis

Indigo is proud to walk in the Pride Parade this Sunday, June 24. The theme of Pride this year is Be You! And at Indigo, we are in touch with you – a perfect match! We ordered super cute, baseball-esque Indigo shirts from the Art Farm (thanks, Skylar!) for our walkers and will be wearing tall rainbow socks in celebration of Pride Fest. Speaking of our walkers, we have a crowd! Our lovely team of therapists, Danielle Elder (our knowledgable acupuncturist), several loyal clients and their families, and the families of our staff will be representing Indigo. We will be escorted by Phil Jarvis’s fancy red truck and will be sling shotting rainbow wrist bands into the throngs of parade watchers.

PrideFest started in 1970, one year after the Stonewall Riots in New York City shook up the status quo. The St. Louis LGBT commitee was formed in 1979 and the first Pride Parade in St. Louis was in 1981. The Pride Parade in St. Louis is the largest annual parade in the area! How cool is that?! Pride is held annually in Tower Grove Park and the parade route runs from the Utah and Grand intersection, up Arsenal St. into Tower Grove.

We hope everyone enjoys the Pride festivities this year! Come cheer us on!