Self Care for Mamas from the Holistic Moms Network

A massage is the perfect way to escape from the stresses of motherhood. This blog post, by the Holistic Moms Network, has several quick tips for revitalization during a hectic time.

“One of the most basic and important things all moms need is self-care. We need to fill our own cups and revitalize ourselves, especially when our children are very young and very needy. Ironically, it is also one of the hardest things to achieve. Moms are often plagued by the opposing desire to take personal time and a sense of obligation and guilt whenever the opportunity arises. Deep down, though, we all know that we need the time to refresh and that it makes us better parents and contributes to our happiness. The biggest obstacle? Usually time. So here are a few quick ways to regroup and renew in a pinch…”