The Importance of Self Care

“Who has time to look after his or her own needs? We are all too busy and have too many responsibilities – a spouse, a child, a boss, a dog. Self-care will allow you to improve your functioning in your job, avoid burnout, and best of all, assist you in personal relationships, whether with other adults or your children. By self-care, I mean purposely and actively taking time for yourself to do something that rejuvenates and energizes you. Individuals cannot be effective in their personal or professional lives, if they do not take care of themselves.

Self-care is often confused with selfishness. This is especially true with women, who have been “trained” to nurture and look after others by our culture. When individuals take care of themselves, and put personal needs ahead of other “to do’s” others may refer to them as being selfish. However, if these individuals are taking care of themselves in order to be better parents, employees, or spouses, then self-care is not selfish. Selfishness involves putting one’s own needs ahead of others with only his or her own benefit in mind….”

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Self care is a wide and variable term; any healthy activity that calms and centers you is considered under the umbrella. Why not learn more about self care at our Melt Foam Roller Series with Mandy Puett, drop into a yoga class taught by Dianna or Katie or by taking time to get a massage before the school year starts? Self care is an ongoing process that is easy to forget; at Indigo, we help you reconnect with that important principle!